Cellular IP Gateway - Serial and Ethernet to Cellular OnCell G3111/OnCell G3151/OnCell G3211/OnCell G3251 Moxa vietnam

Features and Benefits 

  • Universal quad-band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Desktop or DIN-rail installation
  • Connect Ethernet and serial devices
  • Centralize private IP management software with OnCell Central Manager
  • Choice of configuration methods, including web console, serial console, and Telnet


The OnCell G3111/G3151/G3211/G3251 are cellular IP gateways that can conveniently and transparently connect up to two devices to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing Ethernet and serial devices with only basic configuration. To ensure zero data loss and on-demand cellular communication, OnCell devices are integrated with the GuaranLink function. The G3111/G3151/G3211/G3251 cellular IP gateways are compact, and can be used on a desktop or mounted on a DIN rail. The products come with a 12 to 48 VDC power input and have 2 kV EFT/Surge protection to allow the use of different types of field power sources. The serial ports are also protected by 15 kV ESD line protection to keep your system safe from unexpected electrical discharges.

White Paper:

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Industrial operators using commercial-grade wireless devices for mission-critical wireless applications may be getting satisfactory wireless network service, but frequent maintenance and system downtime can add up to a high total cost of ownership. In this paper, we reveal many harmful effects commonly found in industrial environments that can quickly disable a commercial-grade wireless device, and discuss the types of protection an industrial-grade wireless device should provide to ensure continuous wireless network communication...more

Cellular Interface
Standards GSM/GPRS
Band Options Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS Multi-slot Class Class 10
GPRS Data Rate 85.6 kbps DL, 43 kbps UL
GPRS Terminal Device Class Class B
GPRS Coding Schemes CS1 to CS4
Tx Power GSM1800/1900: 1 W
EGSM850/900: 2 W
LAN Interface
Number of Ports 1
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, RJ45 connector, auto MDI/MDIX
Cellular Antenna Connectors 1, SMA (female)
Routing/Firewall NAT, port forwarding, WAN IP filtering
Cellular Connectivity GuaranLink
Serial Security Accessible IP list
Serial Operation Modes Real COM, Reverse Real COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, SMS Tunnel, RFC2217, Ethernet Modem
Windows Real COM Drivers Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008, Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008 x64
Fixed TTY Drivers SCO Unix, SCO OpenServer 5, SCO OpenServer 6, UnixWare 7, SVR 4.2, QNX 4.25, QNX 6, Solaris 10, FreeBSD 5, FreeBSD 6
Linux Real TTY Drivers Linux kernels 2.2.x, 2.4.x, 2.6.x
Authentication Local user-name and password
Management Software
Utilities OnCell Search Utility
Configuration and Management Options SNMP v1/v2c/v3, Web/Telnet/Serial Console, SSH, Remote SMS Control, Caller ID, Auto IP Report
Centralized Device Management, Monitoring and Private IP Solution OnCell Central Manager
SIM Interface
Number of SIMs 1
SIM Control 3 V
Serial Interface
Number of Ports 1 or 2
Serial Standards OnCell G3111: 1 RS-232 port, DB9 male
OnCell G3151: 1 RS-232/422/485 port, DB9 male
OnCell G3211: 2 RS-232 port, DB9 male
OnCell G3251: 2 RS-232/422/485 port, DB9 male
Serial Communication Parameters
Data Bits 5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bits 1, 1.5, 2 (when parity = None)
Parity None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
Flow Control RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF
Baudrate 50 bps to 921.6 kbps
Serial Signals
RS-422 Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, GND
RS-485-4w Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, GND
RS-485-2w Data+, Data-, GND
Physical Characteristics
Housing Aluminum, providing IP30 protection
Weight OnCell G3111/G3151: 170 g (0.38 lb)
OnCell G3211/G3251: 190 g (0.42 lb)
Dimensions 77 x 111 x 26 mm (3.03 x 4.37 x 1.02 in)
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature -30 to 55°C (-22 to 131°F)
Storage Temperature -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements
Number of Power Inputs 1 power jack
Input Voltage 12 to 48 VDC
Input Current 0.9 A @ 12 VDC; 0.23 A @ 48 VDC
Standards and Certifications
Safety UL 60950-1
EMC EN 55032/24
EMI CISPR 32, FCC Part 15B Class A
EMS IEC 61000-4-2 ESD: Contact: 8 kV; Air: 15 kV
IEC 61000-4-3 RS: 80 MHz to 1 GHz: 10 V/m
IEC 61000-4-4 EFT: Power: 4 kV; Signal: 2 kV
IEC 61000-4-5 Surge: Power 1 kV; Signal: 1 kV
IEC 61000-4-6 CS: 10 V
IEC 61000-4-8
Radio FCC Part 22H, FCC Part 24E, EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-7, EN 301 511, PTCRB (OnCell G3151 only)
MTBF (mean time between failures)
Time OnCell G3111: 664,000 hrs
OnCell G3151: 661,000 hrs
OnCell G3211: 647,000 hrs
OnCell G3251: 642,000 hrs
Standard Telcordia SR332
Warranty Period 5 years
Details www.anhnghison.com