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The Moxa MXIO library supports the WinCE and Linux operating systems, as well as the C++, VB/VC, and .NET development platforms. The library makes it easy to use high-level computer languages to manage I/O devices and data transfer operations over an Ethernet or RS-485 network, thanks to a large repository of C# and Visual Basic code samples. With Moxa's free MXIO library, Linux programmers can easily develop custom applications, establish transparent communications with the host, and enjoy the benefits of using Linux with the entire ioLogik product family.

Intuitive Method of Obtaining Remote I/O Data

The MXIO Library is a set of programming tools to help when developing data management applications for use on Ethernet or RS-485 networks linking Moxa’s RTUs and remote I/O devices. It includes direct I/O command sets that provide a more intuitive methodof obtaining I/O data. Software developers no longer need to study the complex Modbus protocol to manage I/O monitoring and control functions. Engineers can obtain I/O data by using MXIO’s direct I/O commands to access any I/O point or channel with ease.


Reduce Development Times with a Large Code Repository

The MXIO library includes many examples of sample code to help programmers reduce software development time and get quickly familiar with the API. Developers can call MXIO functions and demo programs as soon as they have installed the library.


Fully Exploit the Active Communications of Active OPC Server

The MXIO Library provides active functions for receiving I/O configurations and status updates from Moxa’s RTU and remote I/O products. With Active OPC Server’s revolutionary push technology, users can benefit from faster and more accurate data collection than the traditional polling type server.



Multiple Platform Support

Windows Platfrom

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000 
  • Windows NT

Linux Platform(32-bit) 

  • – for UC-7100-LX line
  • – for UC-7400-LX line
  • – for x86
  • - for IA-240-LX line


Active Technology Adapted

Leveraging active technology from Moxa, the MXIO library provides functions for receiving I/O configurations and status updates from ioLogik products. Users can quickly benefit from event-driven (change-of-state or periodical) I/O status updates from remote ioLogik products. You will see a quicker response time compared with a traditional polling architecture, and reduce network bandwidth requirements.


Can be used with the following products:

ioLogik E1200 series: Ethernet Remote I/O
ioLogik E2200 series: Ethernet Micro RTU Controller

ioLogik E4200: Modular Ethernet Remote I/O

ioLogik W5300 series: Cellular Micro RTU Controller

Hardware Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or above
RAM 512 MB (1024 MB recommended)
Network Interface 10/100M Ethernet
Software Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Linux Debian 7.8 
Note: Please check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date supported operating systems.
Supported Products
Series Names ioLogik 2500 series, ioLogik E1200 series, ioLogik R1200 series, ioLogik E1500 series, ioLogik E2200 series, ioLogik R2140, ioLogik E4200, ioLogik W5300 series 
Note: Please check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date supported products.