RS-485 I/O ioLogik R2140 Moxa vietnam

Features and Benefits

  • 8 analog input channels for millivolts (mV), voltage, and current signal with wire-off detection (at 4 to 20 mA)
  • 2-channel analog outputs for voltage, current actuator control
  • 16-bit resolution analog inputs, 12-bit resolution analog output
  • Simplify I/O management with MXIO library on Windows or Linux platform
  • Firmware upgradable over RS-485



Linking Input and Output Signals over a Serial Connection

The ioLogik R2000/4000 series was designed for system integrators to acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over both RS-232 and RS-485 connections. Different types of digital on/off devices can be controlled, including proximity switches, mechanical switches, push buttons, optical sensors, LEDs, and light switches. In addition, different types of analog devices can be controlled, including sensors that read pH, conductivity, temperature, humidity, pressure, and flow, as well as actuators and valves. ioLogik R2000/4000 series products can be used with the standard Modbus protocol, and SCADA software or the MXIO DLL library can be used to access the server.


Easy Remote Management

Traditionally, it was difficult for users to update firmware over RS-485. Moxa now provides an easy method for updating firmware over an RS-485 network that allows users to perform remote firmware updates, reducing maintenance time and cost.



Dimensions (unit = mm)


Pin Assignment

I/O (left to right)

Serial Communication
Interface RS-485-2w: Data+, Data-, GND (3-contact terminal block)
Serial Line Protection 15 kV ESD for all signals
Serial Communication Parameters
Parity None
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
Flow Control None
Baudrate 9600 to 115200 bps
Protocols Modbus/RTU
Inputs and Outputs
Analog Inputs 8 channels
Isolation 3K VDC or 2K Vrms
Analog Outputs 2 channels
Analog Input
Resolution 16 bits
I/O Mode Voltage / Current
Input Range ±150 mV, ±500 mV, ±5 V, ±10 V, 0 to 20 mA,4 to 20 mA
Accuracy ±0.1% FSR @ 25°C
±0.3% FSR @ -10 and 60°C
Sampling Rate (for current) 
All channels: 6 samples/sec
• Per channel: 0.75 samples/sec
• Only one channel enabled: 0.75 samples/sec
Input Impedance 900 kΩ
Built-in Resistor for Current Input 106 ohms
Analog Output
Resolution 12 bits
Output Range 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA
Drive Voltage 15 VDC for current output
Accuracy ±0.1% FSR @ 25°C,
±0.3% FSR @ -10 and 60°C
Load Resistor Less than 250 ohms
Power Requirements
Power Input 24 VDC nominal, 12 to 48 VDC
Power Consumption 170 mA @ 24 VDC
Physical Characteristics
Wiring I/O cable max. 14 AWG
Dimensions 115 x 79 x 45.6 mm (4.53 x 3.11 x 1.80 in) 
Note: Please see pages 14-26 for this product’s dimensions diagram.
Weight 200 g
Mounting DIN rail or wall
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude Up to 2000 m 
Note: Please contact Moxa if you require products guaranteed to function properly at higher altitudes.
Standards and Certifications
Safety UL 508
EMI EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3;
EN 61000-6-4; FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
EMS EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4,
EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8,
EN 61000-4-11, EN 61000-6-2
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Freefall IEC 60068-2-32
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
Green Product RoHS, CRoHS, WEEE 
Note: Please check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date certification status.
MTBF (mean time between failures)
Time 280,923 hrs
Standard Telcordia (Bellcore)
Warranty Period 5 years