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Remote Control Management

  • Supports all of Moxa's embedded computers and all operating systems (Linux, CE, XPe) 
  • Control and monitor remote devices over the Internet
  • Broadcast search for Moxa embedded computers on the same subnet
  • Get instant device status
  • Get device system information (IP, model name, product image, firmware version, OS, hostname, CPU type, memory information, and storage information) of all devices, all from the main page



Command-line Free Configuration and Maintenance

  • Launch programs automatically at boot-up
  • One-to-multiple file transfers including file uploads and file uploads
  • Perform remote file system management
    ›› Download/upload files
    ›› Rename a file or directory
    ›› Run/delete a file
    ›› Create a directory
    ›› Get the file list of a directory
    ›› Change file mode (Linux only)
  • Remote program monitoring and process control
  • Remote system administration
    ›› Network configuration settings
    ›› Launch programs automatically at boot-up
    ›› System time set up
    ›› Reboot devices



User-friendly GUI

  • Easy to use graphical user interface gives users "click and operate" management capability of remote devices
  • Friendly window-based utilities makes configuration easy



Easy Installation and Setup

  • MDM Agent program running on an embedded computer can be started automatically at boot-up
  • MDM Tool and Gateway can be installed on any PC running Windows XP  


System Requirements

Software Requirements
Operating Systems Windows XP (MDM Tool and MDM Gateway only)
Hardware Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium 4 processor or higher (MDM Tool and MDM Gateway only)
RAM 1 GB; Gateway, 512 MB (MDM Tool and MDM Gateway only)

Free Download Information

Moxa device manager comes with MDM Agent, MDM Tool, and MDM Gateway (users can download the package from the Moxa website in the Support/Software section)   

All Items Include

  • MDM Tool Software
  • MDM Agent and Gateway Software



Moxa Device Manager (MDM for short) is an easy-to-use remote management tool for managing Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers on the Internet. Moxa's embedded computers make excellent front-end computers at remote sites for onsite data collection and industrial control applications. Simply put, MDM makes it easy for system administrators to manage remote computers.