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MDM API FeaturesCustomization_Service

  • The MDM API provides developers with a framework to write code to manage Moxa embedded computers remotely
  • The MDM API can be integrated with users’ applications
  • The MDM API provides a 3-tier system architecture to support Internet access
  • MDM Agent functions created with the MDM API are dynamically linked and loaded to provide the functions 

MDM API Functions

MDM Core Functions

  • Get DLL Name
  • Configuration File Management
  • File Transfer
  • System Execution

MDM Agent Functions

  • Auto-launch
  • File Manager
  • Network Management
  • Process Management
  • System Information
  • Shell Execution
  • Time Management


Supported Platforms

  • MDM Client: Windows XP on x86 PC
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio 2005
  • Programming Language Interface: C/C++
  • MDM Gateway: Linux and Windows
  • MDM Agent: All product models of Moxa embedded computers for Linux and Windows XPe and CE except UC-71xx-LX series