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Smart Recovery is one of Moxa’s most recent software innovations, an OS backup and recovery system implemented at the BIOS level, giving the computing system strong protections against software corruption that can cause system slowdowns, instability, or operating system crashes. Smart Recovery improves system dependability and significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with the software corruptions that inevitably emerge as a platform ages.
Smart Recovery provides several different modes that encompass all the basic approaches to OS recovery, including manual recoveries; fully automated, machine-initiated recoveries; and remote user-initiated recoveries. Engineers may use Moxa Smart Recovery to:
  • Automate preventive maintenance tasks
Automated periodic recoveries eliminate the system slow down that inevitably emerge after long use by resetting the OS back to its earliest post-installation state.
  • Remotely repair field side systems, saving on labor and time expenses
OS recoveries may be configured to respond to remote triggers, saving the cost of sending a technician to make on-site repairs. Remote, user-initiated recoveries are especially helpful when maintaining unmanned field sites.


  • Easy plug-and-run updates
Smart Recovery also allows any untrained user to resolve OS problems. The manual recovery mode allows any user to merely insert a preconfigured USB key that will take over and automatically complete a full system recovery. This is ideal for situations that may demand urgent, on-site repairs where an Internet connection may be slow or non-existent, and/or experienced administrators are not available.      

 White Paper:

Moxa Smart RecoveryIntelligent Automation for the Maintenance and Recovery of Software Platforms

Smart ReoceryAutomation advances in industrial processes increasingly involve using industrial PCs for the control and monitoring of every sort of machinery and process. Yet as industrial PCs penetrate ever further into the automation stack, the problem of data loss and system corruption becomes a critical consideration both for the security issues raised as well as overall system availability. In this white paper we examine the software and hardware features that constitute an effective, fully automated, BIOS initiated, block-level software recovery solution that can be used across any industrial environment, whether following emergency crashes or for automated preventive maintenance......more