Ethernet I/O ioMirror E3210 Moxa vietnam

Features and Benefits

  • Direct input-to-output signal communication over IP
  • High speed Peer-to-Peer I/O within 20 ms
  • One physical alarm port for connectivity status
  • Quick and easy utility and web-based settings
  • Local alarm channel
  • Remote alarm message
  • Supports Modbus/TCP for remote monitoring
  • Optional LCD module for easy configuration


Direct Input-to-Output Communication over IP

ioMirror E3000 Ethernet I/O products are designed as a cablereplacement solution that connects remote digital input signals to output signals over an IP network. The ioMirror E3210 provides 8 digital input channels, 8 digital output channels, and a 10/100M Ethernet interface. Up to 8 pairs of digital input and output signals can be exchanged over Ethernet with another ioMirror E3210, or can be sent to a local PLC or DCS controller. Over a local area network, the ioMirror can achieve a low signal latency (typically less than 20 ms). With ioMirror, remote sensors can now be connected to local controllers or display panels over copper, fiber, or wireless Ethernet infrastructures. Signals can be transmitted over virtually unlimited distances, without noise problems.

Split Sensor Signals to 16 Different Locations

The ioMirror E3000 can split one input signal to two digital output channels at two different IP addresses. Eight tank level signals can be monitored at 16 different display panels, all at the same time.

Local Alarm and Remote Alarm Messages for Monitoring Connectivity

The ioMirror E3210 has a 24 VDC alarm output channel that can activate an attached buzzer or LED display when the connection fails. In addition, both ioMirror modules can send messages to the ioEventLog software, ensuring that at least one of the warning messages will reach the ioEventLog software.

Dimensions (unit = mm)

Pin Assignment

I/O (left to right)

Ethernet 1 x 10/100 Mbps, RJ45
Protection 1.5 kV magnetic isolation
Protocols Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, Bootp, HTTP, SNTP
Digital Input
Channels 8, source type
Sensor Type NPN, Dry contact
I/O Mode Digital Input
Dry Contact • Logic 0: short to GND
• Logic 1: open
Wet Contact • Logic 0: 0 to 3 VDC
• Logic 1: 10 to 30 VDC (DI COM to DI)
Common Type 8 points per COM
Isolation 3K VDC or 2K Vrms
Digital Filtering Time Interval Software selectable
Over-Voltage Protection 36 VDC
Digital Output
Channels 8, sink type, 36 VDC, 200 mA
I/O Mode Digital Output
Over-Voltage Protection 45 VDC
Over-Current Protection 600 mA
Over-Temperature Shutdown 160°C
Output Current Rating Max. 200 mA per channel
Isolation 3k VDC or 2k Vrms
Alarm Port Output
Channels 1, sink type
Output Current Rating Max. 200 mA per channel
Isolation 3k VDC or 2k Vrms
Power Requirements
Power Input 24 VDC nominal, 12 to 48 VDC
DO Power 24 VDC nominal, up to 45 VDC
Physical Characteristics
Wiring I/O cable max. 14 AWG
Dimensions 115 x 79 x 45.6 mm (4.53 x 3.11 x 1.80 in)
Weight 205 g
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude Up to 2000 m 
Note: Please contact Moxa if you require products guaranteed to function properly at higher altitudes.
Standards and Certifications
Safety UL 508
EMI FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A, EN 55022 Class A
EMS IEC 61000-4, IEC 61000-6
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Freefall IEC 60068-2-32
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
Warranty Period 5 years