RCore Software Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework Moxa vietnam

Key Features

  • Multiple WAN support and backup
  • Intelligent policy settings for automatic best WAN selection
  • Open and customizable application software for easy integration


The Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) is a full-stack software framework that simplifies the coding of multiple WAN routing applications for wireless computers, speeding up application development processes and significantly shortening custom development times.


Crank Up Rcore Customization with Moxa's free MIRF Software Bundle

In order to provide commercial-grade multimedia services, system integrators need to develop value-added software. Unfortunately, easily programmable development platforms may not be readily available. Moxa's Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework is here to fill part of that toolchain gap.


MIRF development software is built on Rcore software at the application layer, providing flexible and customizable APIs that are easily implemented in existing platforms. MIRF will noticably cut time-to-market for system integrators and end users alike.


• Supports Heterogenous WAN Handoffs
As an open-platform tool for managing multiple WANs, MIRF will make it easy for system designers to provide passengers with seamless wireless services even when a train travels through heterogenous networks spanning wide regional areas. When moving from one wireless region to another, outbound routers must automatically reconnect to networks composed of a variety of technologies and standards that include Wi-Fi, UMTS, HSPA, WiMax, and LTE. By supporting all these WAN technologies, MIRF helps ensure high quality, stable and reliable wireless connectivity.


• Intelligent Policy Presets for Network Auto-selection
Pre-defined policies allow you to configure WAN autoselection according to bandwidth, signal, and lowest cost:
• By time: Specify a schedule for preferred WAN services
• By location: Specify a preferred WAN service according to geographic coordinates
• By vehicular speed: Roaming methods may be triggered by speed thresholds (e.g., cellular module service is activated when a train's speed exceeds 30 km/h)


• An Open, Full Stack MVC Architectural Pattern
MIRF provides high flexibility for the configuration and customization of software utilities. Based on the MVC framework, MIRF allows users to configure the interface as needed. For example, the web browser, SNMP utilities, and console can all be customized for specific needs, and new functions can be easily added.

MIRF also provides an open platform for programmers to perform system development and configuration with less effort. Customization and system establishment can be easily and quickly achieved, making faster time-to-market possible.
Ready to run with product software and component templates
Easily leverage open source software packages
Easily bundle customer applications
Highly adaptable for different purposes - Applications - Visual components

White Paper:
An Intelligent Wireless Routing Platform for Rolling Stock

More and more, the rolling stock industry is moving towards wireless technology to deliver network connectivity and communications for train systems and passengers. However, solution providers need to address several major challenges if they are to meet the needs of the rolling stock industry. This paper discusses how many of these challenges can be met through the use of an intelligent routing platform..